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Raj Kalsi was born and raised in Illinois.  He is an ER doctor, and Raj continues to practice in Illinois and around the country.  Most importantly, he is a father to three amazing kids, and he is a husband to his best friend and greatest advocate, Susan.  His mission with Cullen was to start this podcast in order to share the experience of ER doctors on and off the clinical "court."  Raj wants to push conversations and discussions inward and help people find out how we can be better people to one another and how we can be better to ourselves.  His mission, along with Cullen, is to re-unite this divided country.  Also, Raj is a board member of Sneaker Heartz, an amazing charitable organization that is near and dear to his heart.  Sneakerheartz gets sneakers to children and adults that need them, all over the world, it's as simple as that.  Visit them at



Cullen Kehoe was born half Irish and half Italian, and having grown up in Houston, Tx, he learned to fish with his dad in both salt and fresh waters. He boasts that he has caught more redfish, trout and bass than anyone in his family.


An Aggie (Texas A&M), he graduated in biomedical science, and after medical school in Fort Worth, moved to Chicago for internship and residency in emergency medicine. In Fort Worth he learned the health and pathologies of the human body from a first rate faculty, did multiple practicums, and played guitar - vocal gigs in various bars in Fort Worth, earning good tips and free beer.


One of his finest experiences took place in the summer after his junior year in high school at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston. Through “Amigos de Americas” he spent a summer in a village in Paraguay working and encouraging sanitation and health. He became a son and brother to his “mother” and “siblings” where he lived, and friends with many villagers. There he learned to enjoy hard work, hanging out, drinking mate tea, and dreaming in Spanish. He still maintains occasional contact with his family there.  During his residency in Chicago, he had the opportunity to work a month in a village hospital in Africa, where he saw firsthand the joys and sorrows of the people he got to treat and to know. It was in residency that he bonded with a fellow ER doctor in training and friend, Raj Kalsi.


Shortly after residency Cullen began practicing emergency medicine as an attending ER Physician at various hospitals across the country and gained a wide variety of experience in city and rural hospitals.  He is married to his beautiful wife, and enjoys friends, jogging, workouts and guitar. He describes music and playing guitar as his solitary relaxation and prayer.

Cullen has been collaborating with Raj for years now on various projects and this podcast merged both his and Raj's desire to bring unity to a community and nation currently struggling to find common ground.

ER Docs and Crucial Talks is UN-scripted.  All music for our intro and exit for the podcast is the original work that is written and performed by Cullen Kehoe.  Thank you for sharing in their conversation and joining us in this journey!

The artwork for ER Docs & Bourbon on the Rocks is by our amazing friend Jake Holm, he can be contacted at and his Instagram is @juke_nudey


The statements made and opinions expressed during this podcast are our own personal statements and opinions and should not be construed as the statements or opinions of any entity or institution that we may have been employed by or affiliated with at any time in our professional lives.  Additionally, we take patient confidentiality incredibly seriously.  For that reason, any references to stories about patients have purposefully been modified so as to not identify any particular patient or location.  Finally, while we are both doctors, nothing that we say in this podcast should be construed as medical advice.  If you are in need of medical advice, please contact your personal physician.  Also, while we are doctors, we are not your doctors.  Please discuss anything we discuss medically with your doctor.  

Additionally any ideas or opinions expressed in the links above do not necessarily reflect our own personal or professional opinions, or the opinions of any organizations that we currently or formerly worked for or represented.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from any type of addiction, please get help or get them help, and you can consider the SAMSHA hotline (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) at 1-800-662-HELP or 1-800-662-4357.  Also visit for more information.

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